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Fairbanks Album

Fairbanks Photo Album.pdf

To look at the photo album in person, visit the Humboldt Room. 

This exhibit is a tribute to the Klamath River, and how it gives people another reason to visit Humboldt County. These pictures are from the Fairbanks album,and show the construction of roads, bridges, and other restoration projects around the Salmon and Klamath Rivers, so as to make those rivers accessible to the public. My goal is to give my audience (The Fairbank's photos gives) an appreciation of the work and planning that went in to making the Klamath and Salmon Rivers inviting to the modern public. These pictures are also supposed to inspire a nostalgic feeling and to have my audience relate to these areas as if it were their history, because it is (if you decide to call this place home for however long you are "Homeboldt")!

The album consists of 119 photographs pertaining to the Fairbanks Family traveling from Orick in Humboldt County, California, and continuing along the Klamath River to Orleans in the 1920s. The bulk of the images are concerned with the construction of the Salmon River Road as well as the road along the Klamath River near the Salmon River in Siskiyou County, California.

Fairbanks Album